The Brooklyn Lacrosse Club’s mission is to grow the sport of lacrosse in Brooklyn, emphasizing fundamentals, teamwork, respect and Brooklyn. The essence of our organization is the belief that lacrosse should be accessible to all children, despite the various barriers of entry that exist in urban areas such as cost, perception, and logistics. Through the sport of lacrosse,  we strive to open up endless opportunities for the youth of Brooklyn.

Our program is open to boys and girls from Pre-K through 12th grade (Team Directory)


Without proper fundamentals, a program has no foundation to grow. Our coaches have spent decades in the game, and have an acute understanding of how to develop the skills of young players. In addition, our close connection with US Lacrosse gives us access to the latest coaching techniques and theory.

  • Lacrosse Skills: We practice and emphasize the skills required to play the game at an enjoyable level.  These skills are:

    • Catching and throwing

    • Picking up ground balls

    • Shooting

    • Defensive technique and positioning

    • Team communication

    • Field awareness

    • See Age Specific Goals here

  • Nutrition/Hydration: Young athletes require more sound nutrition and hydration practices than the rest of us. Working with guidelines set by US Lacrosse, we seek to educate players and parents about these best practices.

  • Mental Preparedness: Its never to soon to teach young athletes the value of mental preparation.  From immediate skills such as knowing what they are doing when the run on the field, to large picture issues that involve their success in the sport, the BBLC works on the mental as well as physical development of the players lacrosse experience.


Fundamental skills are the proverbial "tree falling in the forest" if they are not developed in context of a team. If a team has individuals of varying degrees of commitment levels, the result can be frustrating for all.

  • Trust: In any youth sport, teams will exist with players who have varying degree of skill levels. 

  • Motivation: Encouraging the development of teammates can have more of a positive influence coming from peer than coming from a coach.

  • Support: A team environment will have its share of ups and downs.  


Respect is a critical piece of the Brooklyn Lacrosse Club's mission, teaching it and exhibiting it throughout everything we do. Straying off this path will get corrected promptly.

  • Teammates: Respecting teammates that may be at different skill levels is key for a team to have a successful and enjoyable season.

  • Coaches: Most youth lacrosse coaches are volunteers whose love of the game is so deep they couldn't get away. Without coaches, we really have no program

  • Opponents: Respecting you opponents, as you would expect them to respect you.  There is no taunting allowed, and the post-game handshake is as critical to the game as the game itself

  • Officials: These are men and women who love the game so much, they choose to officiate. The only interaction with referees are from the head coach.

  • Facility: We clean up after every practice and game, and thank our hosts for their hospitality

  • Game: Lacrosse is a cherished part of North American history.  It is an honor for us to be involved in that legacy.  US Lacrosse's "Honor the Game" pledge is required reading for players, coaches and parents alike.


Brooklyn is a massive, vibrant city unto itself. The Brooklyn Lacrosse Club aims to create a program that is a cultural cross-section of this community. Forging into neighborhoods that may have never seen lacrosse with clinics and events, The Brooklyn Lacrosse Club will make it a priority to recruit and nurture children who could truly benefit from what lacrosse has to offer.