Brooklyn Lacrosse continuously seeks out partners who are looking to help grow lacrosse in NYC

Harlem Lacrosse and Leadership is a school-based non-profit organization that provides academic intervention, leadership training and lacrosse to at-risk youth

Founded in 1996, Doc's New York City Youth Lacrosse is named for Bernard "Doc" Schoenbaum (1914-1989), a former collegiate/club player, teammate and friend who played most of his lacrosse in New York City, first with The City College of New York and then for the New York Lacrosse Club. True to his nickname, Doc had a highly successful career in dentistry, practicing for many years on 57th Street. In the world of lacrosse, he is best known for competing at the post-collegiate/club level well into his 70's. As an athlete and professional, Doc remains an inspiration to all of us.

At Jersey City Lacrosse, our mission is to introduce the fun and exciting game of lacrosse to Jersey City's diverse and under-served youth--both boys and girls--and along with introducing and teaching this great game, encourage and enrich their lives by promoting academic achievement, reading, healthy eating habits, discipline and teamwork; as well as provide them with positive mentors, long-lasting life lessons, and a sense of community.

At Bombers Lacrosse, Our mission is a simple one, "Everyone Plays Lacrosse", we want to see the game expand to new places. We don't like hearing how lacrosse is a rich suburban game, we feel that every boy and girl should be exposed to such a great game. Bombers Lacrosse wants to bring lacrosse education and competitive lacrosse to everyone.