Q: My child has never played before. Is this OK?

A: The BLC welcomes players of all skill levels


Q: I know very little about lacrosse, where can I learn more?

A: Check out US Lacrosse Parent's Guide


Q: Weren't you guys with the Brooklyn Crescents?

A: Many of us were.  The Brooklyn Crescents are a fine organization with many of the same values that we have.


Q: What are the age groups?



Q: What equipment is required?



Q: How much does equipment cost



Q: Where can I get equipment in the NYC area?



Q: When/where are practices?



Q: When/where are games?



Q: How much contact is there in Lacrosse

A: Boys and girls have very different approaches to this, but both involve safety of the players first.  See Rules here


Q: Is its safe?

A: (coming soon)


Q: Is financial assistance available?

A: The Brooklyn Lacrosse Club offers need-based scholarships on a case-by-case basis. See our Scholarship page.