Fall 2017

Our Fall 2017 Program runs from September 10th to November 19th.

Pier 5, Brooklyn Bridge Park (334 Furman St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

  • 8:00am - 9:20am: Boys U8, Boys U10,
  • 9:20am - 10:40am: Boys U12, Boys U12 Select, Boys U14,
  • 10:40am - Noon: All Girls Teams, Pee Wees

Von King Park (670 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216)

  • 10:40am - Noon: Boys U19

"In true entrepreneurial spirit, Brooklyn Lacrosse Club is offering a unique opportunity for our U19 players to participate in the development of a WallGames league. Think of it as an incubator or start-up track.  As you may have heard, WallGames is our series of games, played on NYC Handball courts, that made quite a few headlines last year, basically “gamifying” the common practice of Wall Ball. It garnered so much interest that, this fall, we’ve decided to assemble a team to, not only continue learning and playing WallGames, but also create a self-sustained league!  Many of the games of WallGames are single-player vs single-player, so we think it would be cool to come up with a way for equally-skilled players be able to meet up and compete in WallGames, and have the game-results posted in a live leaderboard.  Sounds cool?  We think so too.  We also think it’s our players who are the best suited to make this cool-sounding idea a reality, so if you’re a player and want to expand your lacrosse AND entrepreneurial experience, sign up for this fall curriculum and help the WallGames League “go-live”!  

Here's what will be involved in approximately 12 Sunday sessions:

  • 1. WallGames play at Von King Park handball courts (P)
    • Actual play to understand the games.
  • 2. WallGames development meet-up sessions (M)
    • These sessions will be geared towards figuring out league logistics and roles required to make this thing work.
  • 3. Film days (F)
    • Film days will be days the start-up team members film Lax All Stars founder/personality, Connor Wilson, as he hosts a WallGames competition between guest competitors.  Connor knows some serious players, by the way, so filming should be really fun and exciting!

In addition to some great content, by the end, we hope to have a solid plan for the Spring 2018 season, with individuals hungry for lacrosse, experiencing a new way to play it in the city!  Super exciting!  Never done been!  Historic! "