Girls Program Coaches

Jodi S. Susman:  Board Member &  3/4 Grade Girls Coach

  • Hometown: Elkins Park, PA (outside of Philidelphia)
  • High School: Cheltenham High School
  • College: University of Pittsburgh Grad School:
  • Profession: Digital Marketing/Strategy- Media
  • Most Memorable Lacrosse Moment: Seeing my 2nd grade daughter go to goal on a 3v2 with a big smile afterwards 
  • Favorite Sports Team: Philadelphia Eagles

More about Jodie:

Jodie grew up outside Philadelphia and began playing lacrosse at age 11, after being inspired by her older sister who also played. As an athletic kid, Jodi played a range of sports including softball and figure skating, but felt most passionate about the sport of lacrosse. After playing center and third home positions in high school, Jodie went on to play Club Lacrosse at the University of Pittsburgh where she served as captain of the team. She worked hard to develop a stronger presence for the girls’ lacrosse team on campus and in the Midwest. Jodie coached High School lacrosse for two years where she wrote her thesis on women and self esteem as it related to adolescents and the impact of sports on their confidence, self esteem and attitude. After graduating in 1997 with a degree in Psychology and Minor in Spanish, she has spent the last 15+ years working in the digital media space in Marketing & Strategy in both the USA and in Europe. She is currently Vice President, Campaign Strategy for Visible Measures, a social video company in New York City. Jodie lives in Kensington, Brooklyn with her daughters who are also learning the sport! She is the assistant coach for her daughter's softball team, and enjoys skiing, cooking, running and spending time with her family in her spare time.

Jordana Kenny:  1/2 Grade Girls

  • Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
  • High School: Lincoln
  • College: University of Maryland
  • Grad School: NYU 
  • Profession: Social Worker
  • Most Memorable Lacrosse Moment: Watching my children play lacrosse!
  • Favorite Sports Team:  Maryland Terrapins 
  • Fun Fact: I once rode my bike for 76 miles, across Long Island to Montauk

Samantha Skey:  3/4 Grade Girls

  • Hometown:  Princeton, NJ
  • High School: Princeton High School
  • College:  Hamilton College
  • Profession:  Chief Marketing Officer, SheKnows, lifestyle media company
  • Most Memorable Lacrosse Moment:  Always the draw.  Love the draw. 
  • Favorite Sports Team:  Giants

Jacqui Brady:  5/6 Grade Girls

  • Hometown: Valley Stream, NY
  • High School: Holy Trinity HS
  • College: Cornell University
  • Profession: PR
  • Most Memorable Lacrosse Moment: Breaking the head of the stick in the cold and having to tape the top of it to get through the rest of practice
  • Favorite Sports Team: St. Johns Basketball
  • Fun Fact: Didn't pick up a lacrosse stick until JV tryouts freshman year of high school

Ariel Merkel:  5/6 Grade Girls

  • Hometown: Buffalo, NY
  • High School: Hamburg High School
  • College: Wells College
  • Grad School: The New School for Social Research (NSSR)
  • Profession: Sociology PhD Student at NSSR and Research Consultant at Cora Group
  • Most Memorable Lacrosse Moment: Scoring my first hat trick on my 16th birthday on my home field
  • Favorite Sports Team: Buffalo Sabres
  • Fun Fact: I am the third generation of my family to play lacrosse, but the first woman to play.  My grandmother met my grandfather at a lacrosse game at Johns Hopkins University, where he was playing as goalie.  My great-uncle Bobby Pool developed the double-walled wooden-head stick (the Bobby Pool Special) which was a forerunner to the modern plastic-headed stick, and was conducted in the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame